Project 2: Paper Flower Clip


I know I said that these projects would be more like weekly things and not as sporadic as they have been, but you can get over it. Oh, just kidding, but not really ^.^

So this project is actually completely original. Yay! We’re going to be making a paper flower which I put on a hair clip. Oh, that sounded too much like Martha Stewart for my liking.

Supplies: Wire flowers, Tacky Glue, Scissors, Paper (I used an old Bible), Mod Podge, and a hair clip.

I made the wire flower myself, but it’s not too difficult. It’s just bending the wire around and manipulating it into a nice flower. Loop a petal and wrap the center, loop another petal and wrap the center, and repeat. The poke the wire through the center and leave a stem.

Step (1): Tear the paper into strips just a little taller than each petal.

Step (2): Wrap. Then wrap it around the petal. Wrap it horizontally without angling it to the shape of the petal. Pull it tight around the middle or largest part only.

Step (3): Glue. Then make sure the tail of the paper strip is at the back or bottom of the petal. Bend the corners over onto the back of the petal to the curve of the wire and glue it to the back. Do this for each petal.

Step (4): Seal. Then to make the paper more durable and less likely to rip, I put mod podge, or actually gel medium, over the top. I put 1-2 coats of it, especially over the back.

Step (5): Stack. I had two flowers; one large and one small. After I had covered both in scriptures and sealed them, I put the smaller flower’s stem through the center of the larger flower and kinda molded them to fit nicely together.

Step (6): Clip. Although  I have no pictures of this, I basically just took the wire stems and barrette-like clip and I wrapped the wire around the clip. If it’s not sturdy enough or if its a little wobbly, you could always hot glue it, which I think I’m going to have to do. However, I’m really excited to wear it! Especially in the first cross of a side-braid, the back of my head with the top half of my hair back, or just to clip my bangs back on the side of my head. I really love this paper flower and I finally, after a couple years, figured out what to do with these wire flowers that I love to make.

Good luck! ^.^sav


Project 1: Restyling Shoes


I don’t know about you, but I always feel so guilty and wasteful whenever I buy something (rather, my mom buys me something) and I don’t wear it/use it as much as I should have. Well, here’s the best project for shoes specifically that don’t get worn too much. I used to wear these chuck taylors back in middle school and then I didn’t wear them as much because I got over hot pink finally. I got this idea from Elsie Larson’s blog, and I changed it to fit my own style. I had old converse laying around that I never wear any more and this can, of course, work for any shoe you have in your closet going un-worn.

I know we’re putting fabric on fabric, but we’re not actually sewing. Holla! Now it doesn’t matter if you’re shoes are made out of plastic, cover that crap up!

 Supplies: 1 pair of old shoes, scissors, an xacto knife, tacky glue, mod podge, fabric (in my case was an irritatingly wrinkly pair of sleep shorts). The parts I wanted to cover were the entire outside of the shoe that had fabric, not including the tongue.

First I had to clean my shoes because they were disgustingly dirty and muddy. The perfect cleaner is definitely Awesome. It works wonders on surfaces. Seriously, look at the before and after. It’s awesome, har har.

Step (1): Make a template. I laid a piece of paper over one half of my shoe (I didn’t have enough fabric to do it in one long strip). Elsie just glued a chunk of fabric to her shoe and then cut around it, but I didn’t have to luxury of guessing with my fabric. I’m working with booty shorts here and we all know the limited amount of fabric on them. I cut a good centimeter larger than my side of the shoe on my paper to give a little cushion to my measurements, or lack of.

Step (2): Cut. Use the template to cut out the shape from the fabric using the paper template.

Step (3): Paste. Just take your fabric, line it up either from top or bottom ( I chose the bottom because it was a straight edge), and here’s the best part, GLUE IT! Use a powerful strong glue, or tacky glue in my case, and glue the fabric on. It might seep through a bit depending on how thin the fabric is, but that doesn’t matter because it dries clear.

Step (4): Trim down the fabric using scissors to a reasonable folding length. Because I had to finish it off in a weird place without a defined edge, I just folded the fabric and glued it. For around the ankle part, I just folded it over the edge and glued it. It looks nicely finished and you can do this however you like. Of course you’ll have different options depending on your shoe.

Step (5): Seal. To Really seal the fabric on there, I used mod podge or actually, I would have liked to have used mod podge, but I couldn’t find it in my house. Instead, I used gel medium. It seemed to work just as fine, maybe it’s not as strong, but it holds… and it dries shimmery!
Then just lace it up and go!  ^.^ sav

52 Projects


Oh yes, 52.

That’s 1 project a week, a good number, I think.

Better yet, it’s a great goal. For everyone, not just me.

And it all starts with the inspiration chain. I get inspired by someone else or something and I turn it into a project with my own taste and in turn you get inspired and do a project of your own. And the inspiration chain continues.

I’m not gonna lie, I mostly get inspired by Elsie Larson and you can get inspired by her too at I’m sure she’ll appreciate it!

I hope you enjoy my projects, I know I’ll enjoy making them and in a year I’ll have made 52.

^.^ sav

More to come


Hello, nice to meet you.

My name is Savannah. My friends call me Sav, feel free to as well.

In my life I’ve been going to school, lazing around, somehow not really doing my homework, not really going out with any friends, just doing nothing! And I felt like I was wasting my time doing stupid things instead of what I want to do. So somehow I need to find time to do the necessary for success (school) and the necessary for happiness (art).

So this is my first step to making myself happier. These are the things I want to focus on and I know it will impact my life for the better.

My biggest project is my room. I just moved here and its essentially a blank canvas. A messy blank canvas, but a blank one nonetheless. I can’t explain how I want it to look to anyone, especially because I don’t even really know, but I do know that I want to be able to look around my room and point out many things that I made myself. I want to start DIY-ing like crazy, but classy, ya know?

So, here’s what you can expect to find here:


DIY projects  Photography

Advice (Hey, why not?) – Updates on my life

Food! – Clothes

Inspiration Love ❤ Does that sound too cheesy? I really just strive for respecting people. Also, love is my religion.


I’m still not 100% sure what’s going to go on here, but nothing is off limits if it makes me happy. Happiness will be obtained ^.^

There are more savory inklings to come.