Project 2: Paper Flower Clip


I know I said that these projects would be more like weekly things and not as sporadic as they have been, but you can get over it. Oh, just kidding, but not really ^.^

So this project is actually completely original. Yay! We’re going to be making a paper flower which I put on a hair clip. Oh, that sounded too much like Martha Stewart for my liking.

Supplies: Wire flowers, Tacky Glue, Scissors, Paper (I used an old Bible), Mod Podge, and a hair clip.

I made the wire flower myself, but it’s not too difficult. It’s just bending the wire around and manipulating it into a nice flower. Loop a petal and wrap the center, loop another petal and wrap the center, and repeat. The poke the wire through the center and leave a stem.

Step (1): Tear the paper into strips just a little taller than each petal.

Step (2): Wrap. Then wrap it around the petal. Wrap it horizontally without angling it to the shape of the petal. Pull it tight around the middle or largest part only.

Step (3): Glue. Then make sure the tail of the paper strip is at the back or bottom of the petal. Bend the corners over onto the back of the petal to the curve of the wire and glue it to the back. Do this for each petal.

Step (4): Seal. Then to make the paper more durable and less likely to rip, I put mod podge, or actually gel medium, over the top. I put 1-2 coats of it, especially over the back.

Step (5): Stack. I had two flowers; one large and one small. After I had covered both in scriptures and sealed them, I put the smaller flower’s stem through the center of the larger flower and kinda molded them to fit nicely together.

Step (6): Clip. Although  I have no pictures of this, I basically just took the wire stems and barrette-like clip and I wrapped the wire around the clip. If it’s not sturdy enough or if its a little wobbly, you could always hot glue it, which I think I’m going to have to do. However, I’m really excited to wear it! Especially in the first cross of a side-braid, the back of my head with the top half of my hair back, or just to clip my bangs back on the side of my head. I really love this paper flower and I finally, after a couple years, figured out what to do with these wire flowers that I love to make.

Good luck! ^.^sav


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